Friday, January 26, 2007

Houston-Chicago Trip - Day Seven

This is day seven of my trip, January 24, 2006.

Lisa fixed me a bagel and juice for breakfast after Chas left for work. I have almost 700 miles to cover today and I want to be in Knoxville in plenty of time for dinner with Pat and Chip. I got started at 7:30 and headed south on I-55 to take I-80 east in order to avoid any rush hour traffic. It worked, and I made good time. The snow cover which was so prevalent in Chicago gradually gave out as I made my way south. It didn't completely go away until I got into south Indiana.

I remembered to bring the leftover pasta along from the previous evening, and I had it for lunch at a rest stop on I-74 south of Batesville.

I noticed the left front tire was low and I added air shortly after starting out. By early afternoon it was low again. I stopped and added air again, but I knew it had a slow leak which would have to be fixed. I had stopped at Dry Ridge, Kentucky, and fortunately there was a Tire Discounters store on the other side of the interstate. An hour and a half later, at 4:00, I was back on the road again. But now I was going to be late arriving at the Herzog's. I called to let Pat and Chip know.

I crossed the Tennessee border at 6:00. It turned dark shortly after, and the drive through the mountains to Knoxville was harrowing and stressful. Lot's of trucks on the road going slow up the mountains and fast down. One 18 wheeler, not wanting to lose momentum going up a grade, pulled out in front of me and I had to jam on the brakes to avoid plowing into him.

I got to Pat & Chip's at 7:00. It was great to see them and they were the most gracious of hosts. Pat had steak, roast potatoes, green beans and rustic bread. Chip charbroiled the strip steaks. Wine and bread pudding for dessert made an excellent meal. We looked at my pictures of the grandchildren and talked until we all agreed it was time for bed.

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