Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Houston-Chicago Trip - Day Six

Woke up early and finished the blog entry from the night before. I had fallen asleep working on the computer.

Chas fixed a great breakfast of French toast and sausage. I showered and shaved, then we went to the science museum here in Naperville. Daniel went helter-skelter from one display to the next. The museum had many, many interactive displays for the children, and they all got a workout. Brandon got a kick out of watching all the kids.

We came back to the house for lunch. Lisa fixed chicken salad for sandwiches with sour dough French bread. Chips and grapes completed the menu.

The boys both reluctantly went down for naps after lunch. It took quite a while before Daniel went to sleep. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing errands and other tasks and talking.

Dinner was take out Italian from Francesca's Passaggio in Naperville. We all agreed it would be too much to take both Brandon and Daniel to a restaurant. I had linguini with a tomato sauce with mushrooms and sausage, and a Caesar salad which was very good.

After dinner we cleaned up, played with the boys a little, put them to bed, and watched a little TV. Everyone was tired, Chas had to get up early and go to work in the morning, I wanted to get a reasonably early start for Knoxville, and so we went to bed.

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