Saturday, January 20, 2007

Houston-Chicago Trip - Day Three

Had moderate indigestion last night and woke up early with upset stomach. After using the computer and reading in bed for a while felt better. Joined Kim in the Kitchen about 8:00. She fixed a grand breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast. I felt much better after breakfast.

Spent the morning talking with Kim, playing around with Makenna and Mason, and working with Kim on her photography. I cleaned her lenses and reset some things on her camera. We also went through some pictures both hers and mine.

Around lunchtime my stomach started to act up again, but was better after I ate something. The big event of the afternoon was Mason's basketball game at 3:30. His team the Owls was to play the Longhorns. Todd is one of the Owl coaches, and they felt the Longhorns were one of two exceptional teams in their league they had to beat in order to have a chance at the championship. The Owls had won the first two games they played, and were coming together as a team. Everyone; players, coaches and parents were keyed up for this big game. In addition, there was a protest e-mail sent by the Owl's head coach regarding one of the Longhorn players which added to the game's tension.

Kim and I were planning to take pictures at the game as well, and so by 2:30 everyone was on their way to the game.

The game didn't disappoint in the slightest. A capacity crowd was in attendance and in fine voice. The coaches of both teams were up for the game. And the players were all in great form. Right from the start the coaches and the referees were having animated discussions. The Longhorns scored first, but the Owls moved ahead. The Longhorns tied the game during the free-throw contest. Then during the second half, the Owl's B team pulled the team out in front. The last period started with the Owls 23, Longhorns 17. The Owl's A team controlled the ball most of the period, but the Longhorns still scored another four points. With less than a minute to go the Owls got the ball and retained possession until the clock ran out. Final score, Owls 23, Longhorns 21.

Kim and I got some good pictures during the game.

We decided to have dinner at Babin's Seafood House, a Cajun seafood restaurant. And despite the early hour, 4:30, went directly to the restaurant. This turned out to be a good move since we didn't have to wait at all even though it was Saturday. We had beer and sodas, an order of crab balls for an appetizer, and an excellent dinner. I had 1/2 fried crayfish tales, 1/2 Etouffee with a Greek salad. We ordered a serving of bread pudding to take home for desert. A fine dinner to go with a fine day.

When we got home we looked at pictures both those we took and Kim & Todd's from the last couple of years. Then the TV went on and the Dog Whisperer whispered me to sleep in the easy chair. When I woke up Todd was watching the Michigan State / Penn State basketball game he had recorded earlier. I came up to bed to write the blog and read.

It will be difficult to get an early start tomorrow, but I have to do it in order to stay on schedule.

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